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11 July 2006 @ 07:41 pm
looking for mods in...places  
Hey guys. Hey guys. Hey gu...*gets smacked in head by a stand* Okay, I'll stop. But! I come bearing some news!

I finally made the codes for that promo banner in the profile. Not news. But whatever, on to the good stuff!

I need two moderators for this community! They must be willing to worship me have minimal html knowledge [as in the basics], and must also email me [see below.]!!! Mods will be my minions of email labor help me to make important decisions in regard to this place and fun stuff like that.

If you think that you want to do something like such, my email is sssakura3@aol.com. In your email, please explain why you'd like to be a mod. As long as it makes some sense, I'll probably give it to you. BUT! Only two of you! I will try my hardest not to be biased in my choice CLARINET MODERATION MONARCHY!. You guys all have an equal chance, so please send this poor girl some email ;-;!


~ Mika
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